The Navy Striped Romper: New Look 6493




Photos by: Andre Tabula

Hey everyone! It’s long overdue but this is my first fashion sewing project for the year and post cancer! I wanted to tackle something I haven’t done yet so I decided on a romper. This would also be my first sewing project using my new machine. Let’s check out the process below.

Fabric: Navy/ White Striped Georgette (Outer) and White Bemsilk Lining (Inner)
Pattern: New Look 6493
Pattern Difficulty: Intermediate levelled fabric but because added a lining, the experience of sewing it is advanced


The Process

Laying out the outer
Laying out the lining
Sewed together the bodice and added the facing
Attaching the lining to the facing
Completed top (photobombed by Bellatrix)

Front of the shorts
Almost done! still need to shorten the hem, and add the tie

Adding a lining

One issue I had was that the fabric was see-through, so I needed to add a lining. Since the pattern didn’t include a lining, I had to draft my own. I’ve never done this for rompers so I needed to do some research. The tutorial that made everything click for me was one for a jacket, the main takeaway I got from reading it was:

  1. Trace the pattern
  2. Subtract the facing from the main pattern by tracing it over the main pattern piece
  3. Add a seam allowance to the lining and the facing

1) Trace the pattern

I traced the pattern piece for the back bodice.

2) Subtract the facing

From what I observed, the back facing lines up nicely with the back bodice. I traced the facing over where it matches up. And I intend to cut out the back bodice excluding the facing.

3) Adding a seam allowance

Because I was going to attach these two pieces together, I added a seam allowance to each piece.

Lining piece – The lines at the top is the seam allowance (1.5cm)
Facing piece – the pattern included a 6mm edge finish, so I only added 1cm seam allowance

Troubleshooting the lining

My next issue was actually sewing on the lining!

My mistake: I treated the lining of the bodice like a lining of a jacket. I sewed the lining and the outer pieces together at the bottom as well and it didn’t work quite well. It kept rolling and the piece look pulled.

The solution: I was sitting on the train to the city one day and I was staring at my store-bought top and looking at how it was sewn together (as any normal person would do)… and it turned out it was lined! I noticed that the lining wasn’t attached to the bottom of the cami and it swung freely underneath. So when I went home, I unstitched everything and hemmed the lining so it could swing freely.

Lining the shorts

In this pattern, the “pants front” (pattern piece 18) has two curves. The larger one is for the crotch and the smaller one is space for a pocket. Since there is no need for pockets in a lining, I just filled in the curve and turned it into a straight edge.

Back to you!

The most challenging thing about this sew was drafting and attaching a lining. If you have any advice or tips for me to improve next time around, please let me know in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

The Finished Product

Final Thoughts

I know my energy definitely hasn’t recovered yet since beating cancer. Between working and my lack of energy, it’s been kind of hard to find the energy to sew and paint. What used to take me a week to do, takes me about a month now. But I’m always really happy to be sewing whenever I have the chance. Although this project took longer than it should, I’m really looking forward to the next one! Which is going to be a…. winter coat!

I know I said that I’m going to write a post about beating cancer, but honestly post-cancer life is a battle on its own. I’m still trying to rationalise it, hopefully I can get my thoughts together for a post soon.

4 thoughts on “The Navy Striped Romper: New Look 6493

  1. Stephanie, you did an amazing job with this project! Figuring out that lining was impressive! That alone would have my brain spinning! So happy to see your lovely face and body shining in the sun! You look awesome post cancer and if your body is telling you to it needs more time to work through things…I’d listen! 😉 You are total inspiration, mistakes and all! I love you sweet girl! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My head was spinning like crazy trying to work out that lining, so that makes both of us 😂😂 I miss reading your comments, like I said a while ago, I can feel your support from miles a while and I’m really grateful to have met you! ☺️


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