The Floral Summer Shorts: Simplicity 1887



Photos by: Andre Tabula

Summer is finally here in Australia! If you know me, you’d know that my summer staples are shorts. That’s why I decided to sew a summer-y pair of shorts to add to my wardrobe.

Fabric: Cotton Sateen
Pattern: Simplicity 1887
Pattern Difficulty: Easy
Size Sewn: 16
Alterations: I shortened the elastic for a tighter fit

The Process

ONE – Layouts
TWO – Pockets and yoke attached to one side of the shorts
THREE – Creating pleats
FOUR – Both sides of the shorts attached!
FIVE – Attached the waistband! (Next up is the front ties, but you’ll see it in the final product)

Silly Mistakes

No matter how may times I sew, I still seem to make silly mistakes. One of the biggest rules in sewing is to sew the fabric with right sides together (of course there are sometimes exceptions to this rule). When I sewed in the waist band, I sewed it wrong sides together! I ended up needing to unpick it and re-sew it. Honestly, my seam ripper is my best friend when I sew.


Styling the Shorts with a Head Wrap

For this outfit, I also sewed a head wrap with my over-used McCall’s 4116 pattern. I chose an olive green fabric because it matched nicely with the green leaves on the short’s print.

Passion Tips

What I learnt while sewing this project is that making mistakes are okay. Although I chose an “easy” levelled pattern, I still made silly mistakes. But when you do make a mistake, just step back and see what you can do to resolve the issue. Although I made mistakes, I still ended up with a pair of shorts that I’m really happy with and where you can’t notice the mistake I made.

The Finished Product

All the amazing photos by Andre Tabula

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One thought on “The Floral Summer Shorts: Simplicity 1887

  1. You are amazing at picking out fabrics that coordinate! That definitely seems to be a passion! Floral fabrics are easy to find, but finding the one that really speaks to you can be tricky. I tend to look at a fabric on line for weeks and weeks before I commit to buying it. Maybe because I’m transitioning my style and colors???

    We all make silly mistakes. AND yes we find a comfy place to pick out that mistake in peace and no stress. Because that gets us no where. It really can be a little relaxing and make us slow down if we need to. But then we are ready to get back up and on to the next step! ❤

    This pattern is such a great fit for you. Your modifications to make it fit just a bit better sound perfect! And as usual, your lovely pictures tell the perfect story! Another happy sewing ending! Yay! Great job! I hope you enjoy your summer! I am typing this by my wood stove! Burr! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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