The Boho Inspired Wrap Skirt: New Look 6456


Photos by: Andre Tabula

Because I lost my hair due to chemo, I’ve been wearing head wraps. Although I was never one to wear head wraps and turbans before, I’ve really come to love the look now. It’s given me the chance to embrace the boho style and so I decided to sew a boho-inspired skirt to complete the look.

Fabric: Rayon
Pattern: New Look 6456
Pattern Difficulty: Easy
Size Sewn: 16
Alterations: No alterations

The Process

ONE – cutouts
TWO – the skirt without the waistband
THREE – ugh the most annoying part was turning over these tubes which are the ties for the wrap
FOUR – hand sewn buttonhole

The buttonhole function of my machine wasn’t working!

I went online and found out how to sew a buttonhole by hand! I decided to give it a go and I’m pretty happy with the end result. What I love about sewing by hand compared to the machine is that it’s something that you can do while watching TV or while having a conversation with someone in your family.

I used this tutorial to learn how:

Styling the Skirt with a Head Wrap

I sewed the head wrap using the McCall’s 4116 pattern. A friend helped me pick out the fabric. We thought it suit because if you look at the skirt main colour of it is red and white is its secondary colour. The chosen fabric goes well with the skirt because it’s a good contrast to it with white as the main colour and red as a secondary colour.

Passion Tips

When there’s a will there’s a way! The buttonhole function of my sewing machine was broken. I was about to put this project on hold until I could get a new sewing machine. But right now I’m in no position to invest money into a new sewing machine because I’m on treatment and not working. In the end, I changed my mind and found a different way to do buttonholes.

The Final Product

All the amazing photos by Andre Tabula

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3 thoughts on “The Boho Inspired Wrap Skirt: New Look 6456

  1. WOW! Just beautiful! Your fabric was so lovely and I adore the contrasting one you chose for the head scarf. But what brought tears to my eyes was seeing your dark hair starting to peek out from under the wrap. I know this has been an unbelievable journey, but you have managed it with grace. And these stunning pictures show a strong, lively young woman meeting every challenge! Even a simple one of hand sewing a button hole! It is perfect! I am so glad you shared that part of the story! Stitches hold so many things together. Every day you are here is a stitch you make in your life and that just binds us all together! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Danita! Even though we’ve never met, I really appreciate and I feel the support you give from miles away ❤️❤️


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