The Spring Head Wraps: McCall’s 4116

The Floral Mustard Head Wrap


The Navy Blue Head Wrap


Spring has arrived in Australia and it’s time to switch the beanies for something new and fresh! As you may or may not know, I’ve been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and I’ve been doing chemotherapy since July.

Admittedly, I tried the whole head scarf tying thing… but I can never tie it right!

I also tried on wigs… but I haven’t found one that looks natural on me!

I then went looking into head wraps and turbans, they were easy to put on… but none of them suited my age or my style!

So what did I do? I made my own! I chose the fabric to suit my fashion sense and I made sure the style reflected my age.

I was about to call this blog post “head wraps for chemotherapy”, but I wanted to make sure the head wraps I made were more than that. Rather than being something I need to wear because I’m sick, I wanted to create a stylish accessory that I’d want to wear even when I get better. And this is what I created!

More photos in the gallery
Photos by Andre Tabula

Fabric: Rayon (View G)
Pattern: McCall’s 4116
Pattern Difficulty: Easy

The Process

Laying out the pattern pieces
Laying out the pattern pieces! Part 2
I’ve never sewn a hat before so it was my first time working with these kind of shapes.

I lost a pattern piece!

When I went to sew the second one, I found that I lost one of my pattern pieces. So I attempted to re-draw that pattern piece using the first finished head wrap. It wasn’t perfect but it worked!


Passion Tips

I made these head wraps because I couldn’t find any Summer/Spring head wraps that I liked. My passion tip for this project is to use your talents to help you find joy during the hard times in life.

The Final Product

All the amazing photos by Andre Tabula!
More photos in the gallery


Check out the gallery for more!


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