You can make the world a better place by knitting?

(Photo above was taken in 2014)

I’ve always loved making things. Growing up I always jumped on whatever craft craze was going on at school. If you remember the days of Scoobies, friendship bracelets and french knitting, I always jumped on the craze.

This love for making things still continues today and one part of my “craft journey” was knitting.

Discovering our local library’s knitting group

In February 2014, two friends and I visited our local library. We saw signs of a “knitting group” which caught our interest. The weekly meet up time fell perfectly in place with our university timetables and so we decided to check it out.

None of us really knew how to knit, but the women there taught us and were very helpful. It was also really fun having a chat and getting to know other people from our community.

blacktown knitting 2
FEBRUARY, 2014 – Knitting group at our local library

It turned out being much more than we imagined!

To our surprise, it was no ordinary knitting group but was part of a charity organisation called “Wrap With Love”.

How it works is that participants knit 25cm x 25cm squares. These squares get sewn together to create blankets which get sent to people who are suffering from the cold all over the world and also in Australia.

Here are some photos I found on the Wrap With Love website of their amazing work!

We attended the knitting group weekly until the following semester when our classes started clashing with the meet up time. But it’s amazing to know that throughout our time of learning how to knit and getting to know people in our local library, the little squares we created are going to something much bigger.

That year, with the skills I learnt from the group, I also went to knit scarves, beanies and mittens. And I could say that it helped me realise how much I enjoyed making things you could wear. So the following year, 2015, I signed up for my first Beginner’s Dressmaking Class and here I am today.

I don’t knit as much as much anymore, but because of my time knitting at my local library for Wrap With Love, knitting continues to have a special place for me.

Get involved with Wrap With Love Inc

Wrap With Love website

Find a local Wrap With Love knitting group – Australia


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