The Harry Potter Dog Scarves: Burda 7752

Introducing Bellatrix in her Slytherin Scarf




Introducing Cedric Doggery in his Hufflepuff Scarf




I’ve always wanted to sew for these cuties and I couldn’t find anything more fitting than a Hufflepuff scarf for Cedric and a Slytherin scarf for Bellatrix.

Don’t forget to check out more photos of them in the gallery!

Photos by: Andre Tabula

Fabric: Cotton Quilt Fabric
Pattern: Burda 7752
Difficulty: Easy

The Process

I literally only needed 1 pattern pieces
Bella is a medium, Cedric is a large – so I traced the two sizes I needed on trace and toil
Cut outs!
Stay stitching
Pinning on the biased binding
Edges binded with biased binding

The Photoshoot

This time around, I wasn’t the model. Bellatrix and Cedric took centre stage! Because the models were hyperactive and crazy, this was probably one of the most challenging but fun shoots we’ve done. A lot of bribes were made (aka treats) to get them to look at the camera! I wouldn’t be able to do this photoshoot without the help of Mary (my sister) and Red – Thanks guys! Also props to Andre for still managing to take amazing photos despite how crazy the models were!

Passion Tip

This week’s passion tip is to pace yourself and take things one step at a time. These scarves were probably one of the easiest projects I’ve sewn, but this round of chemo made me really weak. My body could only bring me to do one step of the process a day, but it taught me to keep pushing and just pace myself in the process.

The Models and their Fashion Designer

aka me!

Don’t forget to check out the gallery for more photos! You don’t want to miss out!

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