The Baseball Jersey: McCall’s 6236


Ta da! My hair isn’t long anymore. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m still going to model my own clothing no matter how chemo makes me look. I finished sewing this and wrote this blog post before I started chemotherapy, so you’ll see my pre-chemo look in the progress photos. Everything else is my current Straight Outta Chemo look! Be sure to check out the gallery.

Earlier this year, I watched Bruno Mars’ 24K concert in Sydney. Top to bottom and beginning to end it was an amazing concert. One of the merchandise at the concert was a baseball jersey. It looked really funky but it was over my budget – $250!!! But seeing people rock it at the concert inspired me to sew my own baseball jersey to add to my wardrobe.

Photos by: Andre Tabula

The Outfit: High-Waisted Black Denim Shorts Supre | White Cami Glassons | Womens Classic Nike Cortez Port Wine Nike

Fabric: Plain Silk ($4.99 at Spotlight)
Pattern: McCall’s 6236
Difficulty: Easy
Modifications: Shortened the length

90B506E7-BF24-4FA3-BCAC-E4BF20446203.jpegThe Process

Pattern pieces!
Laying it out!
Main body of the jersey
It’s like a blank slate!
Sewed in the borders!
Got it printed!

The Pattern

It was surprisingly really difficult for me to find a commercial pattern for a baseball jersey. There were a few YouTube videos but I work best with commercial patterns. I ended up searching the Internet and found the discontinued McCall’s 6236 vintage pattern which included a baseball jersey. I ordered it on eBay and it got shipped from the US to my home in Australia and… well the rest of the story is in the blog.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 10.54.46 AM

I bought a walking foot!

If you remember my first project for this blog, The Kimono, I didn’t have a walking foot for my machine, so I sandwiched the fabric in baking paper. A walking foot is designed for sewing delicate fabric like silk and prevents it from getting damaged by the machine. Well, I finally bought one to sew my baseball jersey!


Passion Tips

Find inspiration around you. I was inspired by Bruno Mars concert merchandise to sew this project. This is just one of the many places where we can find inspiration! What are your sources of inspiration when you go to create?

Final Product

Photos by: Andre Tabula

More photos in the gallery!


Thanks for making it to the end of this blog post! My next one will be the highly requested “A Crash Course in Fashion Sewing”.

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram to stay updated on my sewing!

– Steph!

3 thoughts on “The Baseball Jersey: McCall’s 6236

  1. Hugs to you from a 14.5 year breast cancer survivor! I was bald with no eyelashes for my son’s wedding! We think we have our journey all mapped out & then God says, “I think you need to take this little detour, but you still can enjoy the scenery along the way!” Focus on those badass chemo guys beating up on the nasty cancer cells!

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