Why I sew when I could just shop instead

It’s easy to view sewing as something old-fashioned that no-one really does anymore. Sewing isn’t trendy and can be a pretty tedious process. On top of that, in our consumer-driven world, it’s easy to just buy our own ready-to-wear clothes online or at the shops. But there’s something about sewing that just draws me to it, here’s why:

1) The satisfaction of finishing a project

One of the most satisfying feelings is when you finally finish a sewing project and try it on infront of the mirror. What makes it even more satisfying is when you go out wearing your finished garment and someone asks you “Where did you buy that from?” but now you have every right to say “I made it myself”.


2) I still shop!

One of my favourite things to do once I complete sewing a garment is to mix and match it with clothing and accessories from other stores. Not only does it lift up my sewing projects, but it creates a nice and complete outfit to actually wear out.

The Kimono

3) It’s money saving

I’m not even kidding. Sometimes when I go out, I see clothing really similar to what I’ve sewed for double the price of what it cost me to make. The Harry Potter robe I sewed cost me all up ~$50 for the materials. I go online and see an adult-sized replica for $213.99!

Future post spoiler!

4) I can make it fit perfectly to my size

#shortgirlproblems. We all have our own sizing issues… Every pair of jeans I buy is always too long. There are dresses that are perfect for my bust but are too tight at the waist. And there are jackets that fit just right for my body, but the moment I put on the hood, my eyes get covered. Sewing gives me the freedom to make something that’s not to a standardised size but is perfect for my size.


5) I can make it look however I want

One of the beauties of working from a pattern is that you don’t need to sew it exactly the way it tells you to. In one of my early projects, I wasn’t feeling the round-neck on the dress which the original pattern had, so at the last minute (with the help of my dressmaking teacher) I changed it to a V-neck. You can also change the fabric and add your own embellishments to the finished garment.


6) I’m the only person who has this piece

I was listening to the Love to Sew podcast, and one of their guests mentioned that she noticed sewing died down when wearing brands became the “in” thing to do. Which I love doing myself — give me that Forever New coat, those Nike shoes, and those Harry Potter tank tops. But when you sew, you’re given the opportunity to create a piece that’s true to yourself and unique to your style.

Another future post spoiler!

7) I see myself improve as I sew

This is one of the original reasons why I started this blog! I started this blog because I wanted to document my sewing progress. We all have to start somewhere. For me, I started with a hand sewn Sailor Mars costume 8 years ago. I still have a long way to go and I’m looking forward to seeing where sewing will take me.

My hand sewn Sailor Mars costume from 2010

8) “Sewing is empowerment to loving your own body.”

I was listening to the Love to Sew Podcast, where Erin Weisbart from Tuesday Stitches came in.

She spoke about how when we shop and the clothes don’t fit right, we think that something is wrong with our body. But when we sew, we realise there’s nothing wrong with our body and we make the clothes to fit right to our own individual and unique body. “Sewing is empowerment to loving one’s body.”


4 thoughts on “Why I sew when I could just shop instead

  1. This is an awesome post! Every sewist should read!!! You have figured out all the reasons and may I add one more? Just because I can! 🙂

    All your makes are beautiful! I wish you well on your sewing journey! And your skills will definitely improve as you document! I know mine have in just 7 months of following other bloggers and listening to their advice and then pushing myself through new projects!

    Just keep sewing! 🙂


    1. I love that reason! I feel like you know you really love sewing (or any art for that matter) when you do it just because!
      Thank you Danita! Thank you for your advice as well 🙂 I was looking at your blog and I’m loving your makes! I particularly love the pyjamas you made for your grandchildren!
      All the best!


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