The Tribal Print Coat: Burda Style 7184




Initially, I was going to sew this using a simple nude-coloured fabric. But as I was looking around my local Spotlight Store, I happened upon a fabric which gave off a tribal kind of vibe. In my mind it worked perfectly for this pattern. A nude-coloured coat is pretty, but it’s something you can commonly find in the shops. This tribal print fabric, on the other hand, would give my coat a unique and fresh look.

Photos by: Andre Tabula

The Outfit: Navy Basic Long Sleeve Top Supre| Black Denim Pants Uniqlo | Jewellery Choker and Rings Lovisa

Fabric:  Acrylic Wool Blend (Spotlight Stores)
Pattern: Burda Style 7184
Pattern Difficulty: Easy

The Process

Laying it out
The back and the pockets (looks like a rocket!)
The back and the fronts
Edges are still raw

I Didn’t Have Enough Fabric!

When I bought this material, only 1.8m of it was left on the roll, it turned out I needed 2m. Which didn’t seem like much, but it wasn’t enough. I looked at my pieces and I realised I could sacrifice having pockets which would work out without any problem. But I love the convenience of having pockets so I decided to use a different fabric for the pockets and it worked out perfectly! Although no one can see it, it’s cute touch!

The pockets are black!

Passion Tip

Try something different and be unique! For sewing it could be an alteration to the pattern, or using an uncommon material. One of the beauties of something like sewing is that you can bring your own unique personality into it. So why make your sewing just like everyone else’s when you have this opportunity to be you?

The Finished Product

Photos by: Andre Tabula

See more in the gallery!

3 thoughts on “The Tribal Print Coat: Burda Style 7184

    1. Thanks!!! I used an acrylic wool blend and it’s sooo warm! Looking forward to your next post Katie! 🙂


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